For over 30 years, we have been committed to creating near perfect legs by treating the sources of the varicose veins and spider veins. With a combination of our patented Veno-Merse® Technique and Endo-laser, we get to the source of the spider veins and varicose veins in order to treat the leaks and the feeding veins that are responsible for them.

External laser will be an adjunct at the end of the treatment to complete the course. The legs will be free of varicose veins and spider veins at the end of treatment.

The entire course of treatment is performed at the office with no major anesthesia and no disability or lengthy recovery times. Patients can fly back to their home country the same day.

Medical vs. Cosmetic

There is a medical reason for the treatment of the varicose veins and also a significant cosmetic reason for their treatment. Treatment of the larger varicose veins are medical necessary to stop cramps, swelling and pain while the treatment of the smaller veins and spiders are cosmetically important to most patients.

Whether you have developed spider veins from pregnancy, or you are suffering from varicose veins due to your age, weight or heredity, varicose vein therapy will improve your symptoms of pain and swelling and night cramps.

More than 50 million Americans suffer from varicose veins. Varicose veins cause a great majority of the spiders veins. In order to treat most of these spider veins, we have to address BOTH the leaks and the feeding varicose veins responsible for the spider veins. Old techniques of varicose veins surgery (old fashioned stripping) may help patients with temporary relief from the feeling of heaviness and cramping in their legs but majority of these patients will have recurrence of their veins and spiders veins within a short time.

Patients are often afraid to seek treatment, because they don’t want to deal with harsh procedures that leave them incapacitated for weeks and many scars in their legs. Near perfect legs, mean a scar free leg with NO VARICOSE VEINS AND SPIDERS VEINS.

What to expect

When patients are seen for the treatment of their varicose veins and spider veins, they need to be thoroughly educated on what varicose veins and spider vein therapy entails. Learning about the causes of varicose veins and spider veins allows patients to evaluate all the available techniques for the treatment of their varicose veins and the spider veins. Since no major anesthesia is involved with our approach, patients will feel normal soon after the procedure. patients will also learn the drawbacks and possible complications of Laser Closure techniques (EVLT) as well as VENUS closure.


Approximately 60% of the patient we treat have had laser closure treatment (EVLT) or VNUS closure or old fashioned stripping before and yet the legs are covered with varicose veins and spider veins. This is usually due to missed secondary system in the thigh and or reopened leaks and veins in the upper thigh which were treated originally or a missed leak behind the knee or veins arising from pelvis(due to pregnancy). All sources have to be identified and closed to achieve an excellent outcome. End result in these group of patients will be a near perfect leg at the end, as well.

Correcting ALL of the responsible leaks and feeding varicose veins with the Veno-Merse® Technique and FOAM SCLEROTHERAPY and lasers at the end, results in a thinner and smoother leg in great number of our patients. This is due to loss of swelling (edema) from years of varicose veins and fluid leakage from these veins. VENUS CLOSURE and LASER CLOSURE (EVLT) may not accomplish all these aspects.

Patented approach to treating varicose veins and spider veins.

IN Office Procedure
No disability
No pain medication