Our Technique


Varicose Veins

The basic idea behind our technique is to identify the source of large varicose veins as well as tiny veins and spider veins and lose all of them as well.

All treatments are performed in our AAAASF approved office(American association of ambulatory surgical facility)

No need for any major anesthesia
No disability (Immediate return to work and activity)
No pain medication is prescribed for any patients
Near perfect legs at the completion of the treatment (medical and cosmetic).

40% of our patients have had previous ablation of other treatments which have failed.

The most time consuming part of vein treatment is the initial examination to identify all of the responsible pressure sources (perforators) that cause large and small varicose veins, as well as spider veins.

During the course of treatment, all the responsible leaks and feeding veins are treated first, followed by the elimination of leftover varicose veins, spider veins and staining. Not only all of the varicose veins and spider veins will disappear completely, but in a great majority of patients, the leg becomes thinner and smoother due to the elimination of swelling under the skin caused by years of fluid leakage and congestion from large varicose veins.

Approximately 40% of our patients have previously had laser closure (EVLT), VENUS closure or old fashioned stripping. The successful outcome will be the same in these group of patients, although the course may be somewhat more complex due to previous scars.

In some patients, the cause of varicose veins lies behind the knee or comes from pelvic veins.

In some patients, the cause of varicose veins lies behind the knee or comes from pelvic veins.

Spider Veins

These tiny purplish capillaries called spider veins are not harmful but are usually unsightly to many patients. Not wearing dresses and bathing suits due to the presence of spider veins in the legs is quite common. This is especially the case if there are hundreds of spider veins throughout the legs.

A great majority of the spider veins in the legs arise from feeding veins/varicose veins or leaks. In order to eliminate them completely, the treatment must start from the source, moving down. Simple sclerotherapy and or lasers and other “fancier” techniques do this in reverse. As a result, most spiders recur soon after the treatment or patients develop many tiny spider patches causing pinkish skin. Repeated injections can also leave dark brownish marks, called staining, on the treatment sites that can last for years.

We never perform simple sclerotherapy or lasers unless the sources have been properly corrected.

Following our steps, we have been able to create near perfect legs in over 99% of patients.

Hand Veins

Large, unsightly hand veins are usually the result of loss of supportive tissue as well as aging. The elimination of these veins can be done quickly and safely without surgery.

Hands usually look 10 to 15 years younger within days of treatment. Upon seeing the more youthful appearance of the hands, many patients request laser treatment of their sun spotsm, which is performed in the office as well.


One of the oldest techniques to treat varicose and spider veins is to inject them with an sclerosing solution. This solution was designed to irritate the lining of the varicose veins, sealing them with compression from outside.

The problem is that this procedure does not typically heal the leak in the vein and so repeated treatments become necessary for the same area. Besides having to repeat the procedure, many patients develop staining of their skin, which could become permanent.

The key to successfully eliminating varicose and spider veins is to first eliminate the source of the problem. Once these sources have been corrected, then one can correct the varicose veins and spider veins completely with either laser or injection treatments.

Majority of these leaks can be sealed using LASER technology called EVLT to seal the veins and leaks from within. Average time to perform this procedure is 15-20 minutes and immediate return to work and walking.

Our patented Veno-Merse® Technique is also a 20 minute outpatient procedure which permanently eliminates the top leaks responsible for lower varicose veins and spider veins.

Prior to using any method of treating spider or varicose veins, the incompetent veins must be closed. This is the key to create near perfect legs. Unfortunately, most of the time, this step is not taken or not done properly. As a result, the legs could look worse than before because of repeated attempts of sclerotherapy and laser.


In the outdated and old fashioned stripping method, varicose veins are taken out through large, unsightly incisions leaving permanent scars. This form of varicose vein surgery is no longer suitable, although it is still being performed.

These procedures fail to address the real problem.

Varicose veins and spider veins are caused by faulty values within them, allowing the downward flow of blood in the veins. This wrong direction gradually enlarges the veins and changes them into larger and twisted varicose veins.

These veins will not disappear completely until ALL of the sources are eliminated.